Yinka Ilori Objects is forging a space where meaningful objects can inspire people to dream, feel and create.

A continuation of multidisciplinary artist Yinka Ilori’s work, each piece weaves in Yinka’s personal experiences and memories. New stories are told through limited edition collectibles and everyday objects.

Underpinned in the belief that art and design should be accessible to all, each object is meticulously designed not just to adorn your home but to endure the test of time, becoming heirlooms shared across generations.

Influenced by his Nigerian and British roots, Yinka continues to honour the beauty of his parent’s heritage and the cherished memories from his childhood. It’s the stories his parents have shared with him that have profoundly shaped his worldview – from his love of affirmations to his admiration for the colours and shapes that surround us in everyday life – his perspective is a mosaic of cultural influences. Each project that Yinka takes on amplifies his vision, bringing together communities and evoking joy.

During lockdown when many of us were unable to travel and visit family, Yinka brightened London with a series of vibrant billboards. Messages like "LOVE ALWAYS WINS" in Harrow and "IF YOU CAN DREAM ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE" in Finsbury Park, served as beacons of light, kindness and hope, inspiring the launch of Yinka Ilori Objects. Yinka’s very first creation under the label was a pair of colourful socks.

With craftsmanship at the forefront of Yinka Ilori Objects, Yinka and his creative team collaborate with artisans not only in the UK, but also Portugal, Nepal and beyond. Each piece is meticulously crafted to live in your home for years, evolving into treasured legacies passed down through time.

  • Ilori’s collection is aimed at fostering joy and togetherness, with stationery, games and homeware that focus on ‘memory-making and play’.

  • London-based artist Yinka Ilori’s first homeware collection is an explosion of colour, pattern and narrative stemming from his British-Nigerian heritage.

  • London-based multidisciplinary artist Yinka Ilori has launched his debut homewares collection, and it’s overflowing with juicy saturated colors and geometrically bold patterns.

  • Ilori’s British-Nigerian heritage and local London scenery are referenced in his signature boldly coloured tableware and textiles.

  • His collection of cushions, rugs and tableware has the effect of vitamin C in any interior.

  • Inspired by his British Nigerian heritage, the new range begins with a focus on tabletop accessories and textiles, all complemented by a mix of accent pieces to inject some positive and vibrant colour into any home.