Yinka Ilori is a London-based multidisciplinary artist of a British-Nigerian heritage, who specialises in storytelling by fusing his British and Nigerian heritage to tell new stories in contemporary design. Humorous, provocative and fun, every project that he creates tells a story. Bringing Nigerian verbal traditional into playful conversation with contemporary design, Yinka Ilori’s work touches on various global themes that resonate with different audiences all over the world.

The first homeware collection is a continuation of design work inspired by his own British Nigerian heritage and childhood. It’s a colourful celebration of two cultures expressed through abstract, technicolour pattern and contemporary craft. Unexpected, functional household items - that evoke memories from his own upbringing - have been reworked as colourful artworks. Each has their own narrative and back-story, meant to instil a sense of optimism and joy, to act in their own small way as a distraction to the dark times that we’re facing this year.