ERE Edition Basketball


Life’s too short not to play.

Create memories in play with the ERE EDITION BASKETBALL.

Following the 2021 sell-out release of Yinka Ilori’s limited edition basketball, Yinka has launched two collectors editions celebrating the joy of play. 

An artwork created during lockdown, Yinka took inspiration from the architecture and surroundings on his daily walks. In the Yoruba language, the word “ere” translates to “play”. Enriched with serotonin-inducing colours of yellow, orange and green, this mood-boosting basketball serves as a reminder to keep playful creativity alive.

Only 300 basketballs per edition are available.

- Limited edition of 300. Size 7 ball.

- Digitally printed synthetic rubber. Made in China.

- Please note that the basketball cannot be completely inflated for international orders outside the UK due to air cargo restrictions.